Holy Cannoli We Are Leaving Italy Tomorrow!

Well, I cannot believe that this is my last blog post. We have seen a lot in these two weeks, and learned about the fashion industry, and I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to come on this trip. Our final day in Milan started as all the other mornings do, with breakfast.

Today’s agenda included visiting the Milano Fashion Library and then a group farewell lunch. We navigated the subway to get to the Fashion Library and upon arrival we were surrounded with thousands of magazines. This place serves as a service provider to many people and a place where designers can get inspiration. However, this library is not open to the public, but people can buy memberships for a few months or the entire year. Creativity peaks when people are in this place because there is so much history to influence designs. Italian Vogue, Vogue Paris, and Seventeen are just some of the types of magazines that you can find here. I personally liked looking at the older magazines to see how fashion has evolved over time. They even have trend books dating back to the 1800s, thanks to generous donors. This acquirement of magazines is a result of donations and public relations that the library has. It was pretty impressive to see the volume of magazines that this place had, due to their network. We left with a goodie bag of magazines to remind us of our visit.

While at the library, we were surprised by a special guest from ISA (International Study Aboard), Diego. Diego has been sending us emails for months now, and some of us were convinced that he was only virtual. Next on the itinerary was our final group lunch. Just like yesterday, lunch consisted of risotto and veal, topped off with chocolate cake and espresso.

After packing everything up, we decided to shop around Milan a little bit and then grab dinner. The shopping did not go so well, and neither did dinner. Since our meals were not the best, we had to eat something and the obvious choice was gelato. We then returned back to Hotel Sempione for the final time.

Plus3 has brought some great new people into my life, and I have gotten even closer to those I already knew. I will never forget these two weeks and all of the memories that we have shared together. Thank you for following my Italian adventure, Arrivederci!

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