Wrap Up

Happy to say that I’ve officially completed the inaugural Plus3 Transfer Trip to Dublin. I couldn’t be more proud of myself. Beings that this was not only my first study abroad experience, but my first time leaving the country AT ALL, I don’t think I could’ve faired much better.

There are a few big things that I’ll be taking from this experience.

First, this trip has ignited a seemingly insatiable urge to travel. To have had the opportunity to immerse myself in the social and business cultures of a foreign country is something that I’ve wanted to do for as long as I could remember. The culture shocks were all embraced, and I couldn’t have prepared myself for any of them. Seeing how big this world is was humbling to be honest; leaving everything you’ve known and plopping yourself into what is essentially a whole new world is incredible.

Also, I think I’ve realize just how resilient I am. With days starting sometimes as early as 6am, endless kilometers of walking, and non-stop streams of knowledge coming at me, I never once felt like I couldn’t weather the storm. I think my number one Strength Finder’s Strength Adaptability plays a large role in this. I think this will translate to the business world wonderfully.

Last, I think I realize that I need to find a business that’ll fit my type of personality – albeit eccentric. For instance, I felt like I’d fit in great at Google and felt like I would be overshadowed in Amazon. Prior to coming, I would’ve thought this to be the other way around. The importance of finding the right fit was apparent within the group of students that went on this trip, too. We all meshed so well, and I think that allowed us to make the most of our time in Dublin.

It has been a pleasure.



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