Becoming a Better Presenter

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As a business student being able to deliver a presentation is extremely important. I feel my strengths in presenting include being able to draw insights and conclusions and help people consider things from a different, fresh angle. Business, especially in school, has such a heavy focus on statistical analysis and economic impact. I have always been more naturally inclined to the psychological applications of business and I feel this is where my strength lies in presenting. I try to consider things from a psychological, human behavior perspective and that is where I feel my strength lies in presenting.

Though I feel I have strengths in my presentations there are certainly areas I wish to improve upon. First, I would like to be more prepared for my presentations moving forward so that I can more effectively and efficiently elaborate my thoughts to my audience and teach, instead of talk. Often after a presentation I feel as though I could have been more effective and efficient with my choice of words. Furthermore I want to be better at engaging my audience during presentations to keep people thinking and having a dialogue that builds instead of me throwing my ideas to my peers.

Finally what I wish to improve upon most of all is being more well rounded to further consider the economics and statistics of what I am presenting not just the psychological aspects. I feel that if i can become more well rounded as a business student overall, my ability to present will improve drastically. It is always important to have a deep understanding of what you are talking about on all levels and this is what I wish to improve the most.

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