Final Takeaway

I’ve said it a million times now, but I’ll say it again, Ireland was amazing! I can’t Believe we lucked out with such great weather and barely any rain. Every day was a new adventure filled with lots of laughs and good company. Not to mention the food was great and there was so much to do and see. The site visits were so informational and getting to meet professionals from a different country was incredible. as someone who is studying business, seeing the way that people interact in a business setting was very interesting and provided a great comparison to how we do business in America. everything was much more laid-back and informal in manner. The professionals told us many personal stories about their lives and were extremely open and honest when we asked them questions about the company.

Overall, I think what impacted me the most was learning about the agriculture industry in Ireland, and how many people in the food industry are dedicated to a greater cause. Irish people do so much to help out their communities and make sure everyone is taken care of. FoodCloud especially made an impact on me because of their dedication to making sure people are not hungry. their goal is to one day go out of business, which is something I have never before seen in a company. I hope one day I can start my own company that gives back in a way that they do!

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