All Good Things Must Come to an End… Including My Blogging Career

To start of our last morning in Italia, our group took a final trip together to visit the Milan Fashion Library where they house one of the biggest fashion magazines in the entire world. They gave us the opportunity to walk around and read anything we wanted – for me I used the time to blast my “Broadway Music” playlist while looking through a 300+ look book that featured very strange photos of Kim Kardashian while pregnant. Once I got settled into what I must say was probably the comfiest chair I think I have ever had the pleasure of sitting in, the hour we had to explore passed by.

After, the entire group had a farewell lunch – our last scheduled gathering for the entire trip, besides the bus ride to the airport this morning. We had a meal of mystery meat and Milan-styled risotto that always seems to be a weirdly unnatural yellow color. Don’t get me wrong it tasted delicious, but thinking back on the meal, I think I should probably start to question things that people just put in front of me and expect me to eat a little more. Just maybe. The setting of the lunch itself was actually quite beautiful as well – we were sitting at a nicely decorated table on an outdoor bocci court that had arches over our heads with spun vines. It was the perfect way to end out the trip with the classical Italian restaurant scenery.

Of course to end out our time in Italy we HAD to get one final gelato, take a final walk around the city center, and also have a parting dinner – which is exactly what we did for the rest of the night. I ended up finally having Sicilian styled pizza, which contrary to what most people may think Italian pizza is, is thick crusted. I typically like thin crust, but I would definitely recommend the thick now. As I walked around the streets of Milan on our final night I was left in awe of the entire Plus3 trip as a whole. I chose to go on this trip to get myself out of my comfort zone and be able to learn more about a place other than the U.S. where I have lived my entire life – and I feel like both were clearly accomplished. I also got to meet people I never would have been able to through this experience, which I will be forever grateful for as well.

To close my final blog I want to thank the University of Pittsburgh and Pitt Business specifically for allowing me to have the opportunity I did with the Plus3 program. Although I grew up in a Penn State family, I knew Pitt was where my heart truly felt at home and it continues to be a place that inspires me to be better. Now that my blogging career is officially coming to an end and I am now a free agent once again, I get to go home and try to relax before the start of yet another amazing school year. I hope you all have an amazing summer and (as always) HAIL 2 PITT!

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