The Art of Presenting

I have had two internships, along with this study abroad program, and in all three of these, I have had to give a presentation of some kind to my colleagues and bosses/supervisors.  Being able to get up in front of a crowd and present is not only an opportunity to show what you know, but to make an impression on everybody in the room.  I always loved presenting, and bringing energy to a room, but that does not mean I’m perfect at it.

My biggest strength when it comes to presenting is simply the fact that I like doing it.  A lot of people are crippled by the fear of public speaking and for whatever reason I’m not.  Im also a naturally energetic person, which translates well into presenting.  I love knowing that I had people engaged and involved in what I was talking about.  These things all work together as my strength as a presenter.  On the other hand, sometimes my heightened energy come back to bite me. I’m not naive enough to believe that everybody loves one certain way of presenting.  I know that some people might just want to get straight to the facts, no jokes and no nonsense.  Sometimes my natural way of presenting material in a fun and energetic way could not play well with a certain audience (ie. bosses).  Knowing my audience and tailoring my presentation to them is something I have yet been able to do, and something I look to work on in the future.

Either way, the best way to get good at anything is by doing, and Plus3 Transfer Ireland was yet another rep in my pursuit of the perfect presentation.

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