The Last Day

Since there is no internet and I haven’t been able to upload anything until now I am going to just write this from the perspective of now, which is three days (+/-) later, and append some stuff that happened between then and now at the end of this post.

On the last day we went to the Milan Fashion Library on the other side of the city.  The group got there on the metro. Its a massive collection of fashion literature, featuriing mostly magazines but also some books, that people can visit to find inspiration or conduct research.  We were given around an hour to look around and examine the literature the library had. I found a book about ‘70’s Glam and Rock scenes in England, told through pictures and interview transcripts by Mick Rock of such artists and groups as David Bowie, Syd Barrett, Queen, and others.  I thought it was really interesting, less from a fashion standpoint (though the photographs did show off a lot of the clothes that were worn) and more from a literature standpoint. I thought that the quotes from the interviewees were really interesting to read.

After the library we went to our farewell lunch, which was set up in what used to be a bocce court.  The long table went down the lane and the walls between lanes created a cloistered effect that made the space feel really private.  The meal was risotto with fried breaded pork and was very good. After lunch we took the metro back to the hotel and I packed up my things before going out to do some shopping.  I ended up getting gelato and not getting anything at H&M before going back to the hotel to finish getting my stuff together because I was going to meet up with my dad and my sister at their hotel down the street.  I met up with them at like 6:30 that evening, which essentially concluded the Plus3 portion of my trip. I though it was a really fun trip and definitely worth the cost of going because of all the different places we went and the accomodations we got and the companies we visited and the credits that we got for the class.  

Im in sicily now where my family is from.  Its really nice here, but we don’t have internet so I havent been able to finish this blog (until now).  I have never gone here this early in the year (we usually go in late June) so its cooler than I am used to and its rained more than in years before.  We were able to get some internet via this portable hotspot which is pretty exciting. We leave Friday for Milan again, but Im going to stay there for a bit longer with my cousin while my dad and my sister go home.  I come back the 2nd of June which I think is a week later.  I will have been in this country for a month, which is the length of a pretty standard trip.  It will be good to go home.

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