17 May 2018 – the eleventh hour

Today we had another walking tour of Milan, this time to Excelsior, a luxury brand department store in the city center.  The tour led us through the four different levels of the building, which sold lifestyle products on the ground floor and clothes on the other floors. There were a lot of flashy products that cost too much money for me in my current financial state, but they were all very cool products and I hope there will be a time in my life when I am able to make those kinds of purchases.

After the walking tour we went back to the hotel for a presentation by Bottega Velasca, a mens shoemaking company.  Based in Milan, they make handmade leather shoes for men at the beginning of their professional careers, which is reflected in the affordable nature of their products.  I was very impressed with this company.  The representative was enthusiastic, their products looked really nice, and the company was compared to Patagonia, one of my favorite companies overall.  The comparison to Patagonia was made on the basis of the quality and reliability of their products, which I appreciate and dont mind paying extra for.

I was so impressed that I went for a walk after the presentation to their store on the other side of the city to see for myself.  While there, I was able to get sized to a boot that they didnt have in store but that I could order from home.  They have free shipping and returns in the United States.

A quick note about why this is going up so late: I am still in italy and my house doesnt have internet so for the past three days so I wasnt able to upload anything.












































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