Day 1 – Orientation/Exhaustion

My first impression of Milan was that it looked like any small American city in many ways. The main difference that I noticed first was the constant presence of scooters and bikes, which are not as common in the US. As we were told before we arrived, Italians also dress notably better than Americans on a daily basis. No one was wearing leggings or sweatpants, and rarely even jeans. People seemed to have an admirable instinct to be presentable at all times.

I anticipate that I will say this about nearly every meal I have on this trip, but the welcome lunch was the best meal I’ve ever had. The food just kept coming, in a true Italian multi-course style, making this meal immensely satisfying. That being said, by the time we returned to the hotel, checked in, and then walked over to orientation, I was so exhausted that even if I was awake for any portion of the presentation I was not able to retain any of the information. I hope that my jetlag improves soon, however, since we appear to have a full day scheduled for tomorrow.

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