I’m Sorry this is Late

Ireland, it’s been real. Though I have not left yet, I am heartbroken every day just thinking about it. I want to find every reason in the world to spend more time here this summer. I have never fallen in love with a place so quickly and so fully as I have during this trip. At a risk of having another sappy blog post, I will just say this; this trip has changed my life.

I know this trip has helped me immensely when it comes to being a business professional as well. I can now say I have visited some of the top corporations in the world, and I have also gained international experience. Though we learned to understand just one different culture, I found that this can only be done by actually living and experience it; books can only tell you so much about a culture. This will help me professionally because I think I will be able to better articulate my thoughts and questions when entering a new country’s culture or even just a new corporations culture.

On a personal level, this trip has helped me grow in ways I didn’t know I needed. I never understood people’s obsession with traveling the world and constant need to talk about it in every occasion. I can now firmly say that I will 100% be one of those people. I love how they live life so in the moment and do not worry extensively about being on time. The Irish thrive on being relaxed. However, they also place a huge importance on how they speak. I learned this from Darren originally, but again through the many people I have met. The ability to hold a conversation and speak kindly to one another is something that I hope to gain in every aspect of my life after this trip.


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