Day 4: Continental, ”The Future in Motion”, Regensburg in the Evening

Today we visited Continental Tire.  This visit was extra meaningful because Continental is my assigned company for our presentation and I was excited to learn more about the company that we had researched a few days earlier.  I had always perceived Continental Tire as a company that simply sold tires, however, I was completely wrong.  The company is heavily invested into highly sophisticated automotive technologies which include crash prevention, electric motors, and autonomous driving.  We were given a presentation from the President of Innovation at the company which was extremely insightful.  I learned that they are shifting more of their focus towards new automotive technology instead of tire production as they feel that there is a greater opportunity for growth in these sectors.


The presenter did a great job of answering all of our questions and I left the presentation with great information for our future presentation.  The factory tour followed in which we were required to wear special suits and shoe coverings to make sure we were safe on the factory floor.  A couple people had trouble passing the detector that checked us for static charges and almost couldn’t enter the factory floor.  Once everyone passed the screening, some with the help of shoes provided by the company, we were able to see the processes that go into creating circuit boards and other electronics for the automotive industry.  One of the best parts of the tour was watching the robots navigate the factory floor and deliver supplies to employees at their work stations.


Lastly, we left Continental’s plant and headed to Regensburg.  Regensburg is a beautiful, old city on the Danube River.  The city has great history dating back to the Roman Empire and many traces of this can still be seen today.  The old city walls still stand today and the tour guide did a great job explaining the city’s background.   The tour brought us to St. Peter’s Cathedral, one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. To end the day, we walked across the street to a Bier Garten for dinner that had authentic Bavarian cuisine.  The food was outstanding and left me with a real appreciation for Bavarian cooking.  After leaving the restaurant to return to the bus, a religious ceremony was leaving the church in a long line all singing in Latin. The whole day really was a great cultural experience.

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