The Presentation (May 16)

We didn’t really have any requirements this morning, so I rolled out of bed at 9:00 and showed up at breakfast around 10. Eric, Kayla, Grant, and I played cards in the morning before we all got dressed up and left for the university around noon. Lunch at the Mensa actually wasn’t a huge problem today, which was a bit of a surprise given our group’s track record. The Americans from the BMW group met Lena at the library, where we found out we had to carry our things inside bins and leave our backpacks in lockers. This fact came very unexpectedly to us given the freedom with which we are able to move around the various libraries at Pitt. Sara and Lucia met us in a room that Lucia had reserved for us, and we got to work.

The BMW Group

On our first run through, our presentation was about 27 minutes. We made some major cuts in an attempt to stay under the 20-minute maximum. Our second and third runs were 20:45 and 21:00 respectively, so we couldn’t quite get under our time limit. After our third run was over, it was time to pack things up and do the real presentation. The groups were randomly selected, and we were able to go first to get it out of the way. We somehow managed to finish in 19:55, barely sliding under the 20-minute limit. All of the presentations were well-done, and Dr. Feick mentioned that grading them was going to be hard. I think the most interesting stance was taken by the H&K group. Unlike the rest of us, their company did not have a very bright future, so instead of supporting the company and avoiding talking about the negative aspects, the H&K group mentioned how the company has dismissed many of the supportive ideas that the group came up with. They said that the company probably will go out of business soon, and it made me realize that sometimes it isn’t necessary to take the side of the company you are presenting about. It seems so natural to do so, but sometimes, the best option for a presentation is to just lay out all the facts and make an informed prediction (even if that means predicting the company will go out of business).

By 8:00, we had finally finished the last presentation. We were all famished, so a lot of us went to a pizza place for a late dinner. It was relieving to finally check our presentations off of our to-do lists. For the rest of the trip, we can just relax and enjoy Germany.

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