Day 11- The Final Countdown

Big success: I got to moderately sleep in today! I parted with my bed around 10AM to take a shower and get ready for the day. Yesterday, we were given meal vouchers for Mensa, so the Pittsburgh students in my group and I decided to eat lunch together today. We were also joined by members of the Continental group because we coincidentally met at the streetcar stop. I was thankful during our lunch that my group decided to dress casually to eat, before returning back to the hotel to change into our business attire.

We can feel that the clock is ticking until our presentation… so after eating, Grant, Alan, Jess, and I went back to the hotel. While we were waiting for our streetcar, we were approached by an unknown American student who recognized the town on Alan’s sweatshirt. We learned that he is from New Jersey and has been studying in Germany for several months. We bid him goodbye as we arrived in Koenigsplatz, and then the four of us clamored into my room, since my roommate Anna and I fortunately got the largest one. We listened to some music together while we each reviewed our slides. Since we went a bit over the time limit on our company introduction presentation, we tried to time ourselves and practice with pacing. This wasn’t perfect, though, because we could not exactly predict how long it would take the German students to go over their own slides. Thus, we decided to change into our professional attire and head over once again to the university so we can practice our presentation with Benedikt, Lena, and Michaela. After some adjustments with speed and transitions, we were ready to present.

As the rest of the groups waited for the BMW group to show up, we drew numbers to designate the presenting order for the groups. Our group nominated Alan as our fearless leader, and we ended up presenting second in the line up (the BMW group walked into the room to discover that they would be going first). The BMW group had a great presentation, and it was interesting for us to follow up with a company that is drastically different than BMW. Not only that, but also because of how much of H&K’s products end up at BMW. I feel like our presentation went pretty well, despite some nerves, and that we all learned a lot about our company. Hopefully, our classmates did as well. I know that I learned a lot about not only BMW, but Continental, SGL, and KUKA as well. I was extremely impressed with my classmates and friends as they delivered professional, informational, and interesting presentations.

It’s crazy to think about how the main reason as to why we’re here is now in the past. Working with Benedikt, Michaela, and Lena was an incredible experience, and I learned a lot from them as well as from our company visit. I am also grateful to have had Alan, Jess, and Grant by my side through it all. Though we shared commonalities (like the obvious American factor), everyone had different perspectives and ways of working. I hope I get an opportunity like this again in the future!

-Liv (I unfortunately did not take any interesting pictures today)


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