Day 4: Back to Business

Today started our company visits. The first company we came to was Sunshine, it is an insurance company. As we arrived at the company location, we were welcomed by a large black gate with gold accents. The site looked similar to a college campus with a large amount of green space and several buildings. We entered a room to watch a video about the company. This was the most intense video I had ever seen about an insurance group. It started with images of boats and water while having background music that reminded me of the Avengers. However, the video did a great job in demonstrating the chairman’s struggle to start the company and how their hardships led them to eventual success. After the videos we took a tour in a little museum room that had timelines of the events before the official start and success of the company. Then we were taken by golf carts around the campus, it was so fancy. To end our visit at Sunshine, we had a buffet style meal. Everything from the buffet was amazing, it was some of the best food I had had while in Beijing.

The next company we visited was Xiaomi, the second largest food manufacturing in China. I had my doubts that their site visit would not compare to Sunshine’s, but I was strongly mistaken. First, we went into a room where we had a small PowerPoint presentation, it explained a lot about Xiaomi. The presenter did a great job answering all the questions we had. Afterwards they took us to the nearby mall where we looked at one of the Xiaomi stores. There store had about 75 different phone options for customers to choose from which varied in prices from about $800 USD to $200 USD. Not only did they sell phones, but they sold watches, laser televisions, speakers, power banks, tablets, laptops, electric toothbrushes, webcams, rice cookers, and so much more. It was like there was nothing that they didn’t sell.

Today we decided to try some new old foods. There was a Dominos and McDonald’s near our hotel and we wanted to see the differences. For McDonald’s most of the food was more or less the same besides a few additions. There was the option to get bubble tea, macaroons, and a spicy chicken filet sandwich that was actually super spicy. Next, we went to Domino’s and it was very different from American Domino’s. Of course, it had the classic flavors, but there were also options like Orange Duck Pizza, Cheesy Chicken Avocado, Teriyaki flavored, I decided to try the potato pizzas with an egg sauce. It was different and fun to try, I don’t know if I would want it again however. We ended the night in a really chill way. We went to the grocery store and bought some items. I got Blue Pepsi which ended up just being regular Pepsi, but colored bright blue. Also, we got cookies and candies to try. It was all really good, we ended up at the hotel talking to some people from the trip. All of us sat around and remembers the highlights of the past few days, knowing that we still had a lot more days of fun and excitement in store for us.

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