Day 6: Hello Xi’an!

Our day started super early, like 6 am. My body by now has become progressively more and more tired. The only thing fueling me was the excitement for new experiences and sites. Today we’re traveling to Xi’an and not only are we traveling, but we’re taking a bullet train. The whole process to actually get on the train was super crazy and there were tons of people everywhere. Once we got on the train it was smooth sailing from here. The coolest part about the train was that it said the speed at which it was going. The train itself did not feel that fast at all just normal, but it reached a high of 300 km/h. The coolest part was that the ride was very scenic, I finally got to see a lot of rural China, which we did not see in Beijing.

When we enter our hotel, it was beautiful. Not only was it an upgrade from our previous hotel that was already great, but it included so much more entertainment options. I was impressed. I went to my room and then my roommate and I discussed plans of exploring the hotel. We went to the 3rd floor which featured a huge pool, a ping pong table, a spa, and a gym. It was pretty awesome I have to say.

Our hotel ended up being really close to our cultural activities for the day. First, we walked through the Muslim quarter. It was a huge street jam packed with Chinese citizens who were also Muslim. The street included tons of foods, clothes, desserts, and more. It felt like we were all small ants walking through a narrow path like they do in ant farms. This was exactly what I had imagined from China. After our walk we arrived at a small opening. This opening included two towers and a series of small restaurants. I was excited because I knew that dinner today would be a dumpling banquet and I love dumplings! For our meal we started off with “baby dumplings”. It was more like a broth that included small little dumplings, about the size of a M&M. Afterwards, we received plate after plate of dumplings, all unique in size, taste, and shape. It was amazing, the meal also included a bunch other food. It was one of my favorite meals so far in the program. After that incredible meal our day was not over. We all then walked to the Drum Tower and took a tour inside. They had drums for every occasion. For instance, for the first day of spring. It was beautiful, the only thing that gave me anxiety was the massive amounts of birds swamping the top of the tower. They few so low to the ground, I felt as if I would be attacked! We walked back through the Muslim quarters to find our way to the hotel. This time it was even more beautiful. The lights lit the street and even more people raided the shops. Every street I took felt lively, like the atmosphere.

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