Day 5: Cultural Adventures

Today is our final day in Beijing, it’s been all great so far, everyone is getting along so well, and we’ve done so much stuff. Today we’re going on a lot of cultural visits and I’m super excited to see everything. We began our day by going to the square. So, I had always imagined China being really dense with people, but for the majority of the trip it had not been crowded in any of the places I had visited until today. The square was flooded with tons of people from all over. It was gorgeous, there was far distances of beautiful buildings and monuments. Our tour guide described the square as the heart of Beijing, and it was quite evident in its liveliness.

As we walked away from the square we started to get closer to the Forbidden city. I had always assumed the Forbidden city was in a remote place within Beijing, but it was actually close to the central city portion of it. When we entered the Forbidden city, it was like a huge empty square that was surrounded by detailed buildings. At the end of the entrance was another entrance to a similar square. Each building was accented with details of blue, greens, and gold with their main color being red. We stepped into the garden at the Forbidden city and tons of people came to take our pictures. The garden was gorgeous, and each plant looked different than anything I had seen in the United States.

Our next adventure took us on a tour of a hidden city within an alley way. We rode on carts that were driven by men on bikes. Houses upon houses were pressed against one another in this small area. We stopped to have a small presentation inside one of the homes. As we entered we were all surprised by the elegant detailing and the beauty of the house inside. Our tour guide told us that the house was worth about 9 million USD. That although all the house does not look as expensive as they really are from the outside that they actually are all very nice on the inside. We then had a woman perform a song for us on the Chinese harp. It was a beautiful sound to hear. As we left we were all gifted knots that were meant to give us good luck.

Our last culture visit of the day we went to the Temple of Heaven. I was especially excited about this visit because my group was given this site for our presentation before departure. When we arrived at the Temple, we took a detour and went to a nearby park. Within this park our group had an outdoor Tai Chi class. The class was actually really fun and simple to learn. I didn’t memorize the moves as fast as the teacher wanted, but I tried my best to. We then walked to the Temple. As I looked above was a small crack in the clouds which held a small ray of sunlight that graced the Temple. It colors and painting were similar to the careful detailing of some of the buildings in the Forbidden city. The temple included shades of blue, green, red, and gold. Inside there were huge red pillars with gold dragons. It was breath-taking, to say goodbye to Beijing I enjoyed a slice of green tea cake. It was wonderful, just like my time in Beijing.Cuktur

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