Day 9: Last Stop Shanghai!

Today we’re traveling to our last city. I can’t believe our journey through China is almost over. We went on another bullet train. As I sat there and looked through the window I reminisced the trip. It was almost over, yet I knew there was so much fun yet to experience. I was excited about seeing Shanghai and finally reconnecting with the group that never made it to Xi’an, but I didn’t want this trip to end. It’s weird because you meet these strangers that now grow a part of your daily experiences just to have a whole summer without it. I don’t want it to end, but I know all I can do is just enjoy the rest of the time I have left.

We got off the trains and unto a bus. As we drove through I could already tell Shanghai was so much different than the previous cities. It was more packed; buildings and buildings could be seen. The styling of the buildings also reminded me more of the United States. Our tour guide told us that Shanghai was heavily influenced by the French, so a large section called the French quarters does not look like most of the buildings within China. We drove straight to the location of our cultural visit which was the Shanghai history museum. It was located right in the large new section of Shanghai. All the building surrounding this area are no older than 30 years. Each skyscraper had a unique characteristic to it. They seemed so futuristic and cool. I couldn’t stop staring at them. Once we started the museum it described how Shanghai was filled with a lot of settlers from other countries. It used to be a very diverse area with people from lots of different sections of Europe. The transformation from that Shanghai to this Shanghai seem almost fake.

After the museum we went to dinner. It was the first dinner in a long time that we were all together once again, it was nice to have our little China family again. The food at the dinner was amazing. It had a lot of different things, different from our usual meals. We all knew that we we’re going to like Shanghai a lot more than the other cities. It only took a few hours to impress us. After the amazing meal we had one other thing planned for the night.

To end our first day in Shanghai we went on a cruise tour. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. As we slowly sailed the lights enlightened my eyes. I felt so grateful for that experience. The buildings lit up in so many colors with all different arrangements. It was like going to one of those Christmas lights attractions. I think it might have been my favorite cultural experience. It was just such a beautiful sight to see, I can never imagine anything else comparing. It was a great way to start out my last hooray in Shanghai.

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