Day 8: Welcome to Shanghai

We got up bright and early to catch the bullet train to Shanghai. I really liked watching the fields and mountains go by. The craziest sight to see was when we would pass by another bullet train going the opposite direction; the train would whiz by us in less than 5 seconds. I had to catch up on some of my blogs about Xi’an, so I finished those up and slept a little. In the middle of the train ride, Dr. Li met with all of the groups to talk more about our business plan. We pitched our business plan and got feedback, so we had an idea of what we still needed to work on once we were in Shanghai. Dr. Li told me how the route for the bullet train that goes from Xi’an to Shanghai went through the Anhui province. Hefei is the capitol of Anhui, and I was born in Hefei, so that’s pretty cool.

When we got off the train, we met Yang Yang, another program coordinator from the Asia Institute that would help us like Liliana and Jane. We got on the bus, our tour guide, Alex, told us some facts about Shanghai as we drove to a museum about Shanghai’s history. Shanghai was so pretty; it looked like a cleaner and greener New York City. The skyscrapers were sleek, and there were some really cool buildings that didn’t look like typical skyscrapers. We arrived at the mall where the museum was, and we met up with the people that didn’t go to Xi’an. It was a very happy reunion with the sick boys. The museum was set up to look like older Shanghai streets, and there were wax figures kind of like Madame Tussaud’s; overall the museum featured a lot of Chinese history.

Funny story side note: When most of us had finished going through the museum, we were waiting outside for the rest to finish up. There was this group of monks that wanted to take pictures with some of the people in the group. They looked just like the fake monks in New York City that try to get people to give them money. I was like, “Wait, are they real?” For some reason, I just thought it was crazy to see actual monks. Since they were taking so many pictures of us, I took a picture of them.


After the museum, we had dinner before going on the Shanghai river cruise. The city looked so nice at night as we walked to the boat, I would have been satisfied looking at the city from the river side. When we got on the boat, the view was even better. I’d been on a river cruise before in Paris; this one in Shanghai was just as good if not better. Everyone was cramming together on the top level of the boat to get pictures. The buildings were so cool to see lit up, and some changed colors or had moving pictures on the sides of the buildings. I could’ve stayed on the boat forever.


After the river cruise, we went to the hotel. Everyone had been hyping up the five-star Shanghai hotel all week, and we couldn’t wait to see it. The hotel did not disappoint. I ended up getting the single king bedroom, and it was so nice! All the lights were connected to a control panel by the bed. The bed was literally two full beds put together; it was so big, and the bathroom was really nice too. Shanghai was off to a great start.

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