Day 7: Terra-cotta Warriors & Bikes & Soups

We had an early morning so that we could beat the crowds at the Terracotta Warriors. When I was younger, I saw some of the travelling Terracotta warriors in Washington, DC, but I was excited to see all of them together. The warriors were split into four different buildings.

The first building held warriors that had been smashed and were being pieced together. There were so many soldiers; that building held the land army; there were two other armies in the area. There were a lot of people taking pictures of the soldiers, and just as many taking pictures of our group. It was funny when I was walking around the area with Chris (who is also Asian) and nobody gave us a second look because we weren’t with our large group of Americans.

The second building we went to was building number three where the generals/commanders terracotta warriors were. They were in a position that made them look like they were talking either about dinner or planning the next attack. There were four horses with them. A lot of the warriors were missing heads or hands.

The third building we went to was building number two. The soldiers were still covered there. They hadn’t excavated them because they wanted to preserve the color on the warriors. You could tell where the beams to support the rooves were and the ground was lower where the soldiers were. They had a few soldiers to look at such as the kneeling and standing archer, the middleman, the general, and the horseman with his warhorse.

The last building held golden chariots that were found near the burial site of the emperor and were moved to be at the Terracotta Warrior site. They were much smaller than the clay warriors but very intricate.

After the Terracotta Warriors, we went for a bike ride on the city wall. The city wall is 14 kilometers long which is roughly 9 miles. The bike ride was so fun! It was really bright and hot, but the breeze was nice as we biked along the wall. The view was great and the wall was really wide with not that many people. I got a lot tanner, and slightly sun burnt, but it was definitely one of my favorite experiences in China. We saw a few couples taking wedding pictures on the wall, and they all looked so good. The women all wore red and some had golden crowns as well. After the bike ride we were all very hot and sweaty, so we went back to the hotel, and everybody took some nice showers before dinner.


For dinner, Dr. Li took all of us to this restaurant in the Muslim Quarter; the restaurant was famous for its lamb soup, so that’s what we all had. It was really good. There was lamb, bread pieces, potato noodles, mushrooms, and sweet garlic; it was so good and so filling. After dinner, we all explored more of the Muslim Quarter, and I bought a couple gifts for my friends and family.


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