Irish imports

After spending over a week in Ireland I come to understand what the attraction to this country is. We’ve discussed ad naseum why multinationals are interested in Ireland but not so much when it comes to imports of people, tourists, and travelers. It is a popular tourism destination and despite it’s size it ranks highly with other countries in Europe and around the world.

At the forefront among many other reasons for its popularity is culture. I have heard countless times on this trip that Ireland’s most valuable and infinite natural resource is their culture. It proves true whether it is in the heart of Dublin or atop the trails of Wicklow mountains the culture is there and profound. Within the many cities and towns tourists can enjoy tremendous restaurants, sporting events, museums, parks and concerts. They can then unwind and revel in all the natural beauty. We were fortunate enough to visit and enjoy gorgeous sites like the Cliffs of Moher, hiking trails in Howth and the Wicklow Mountains. It was great that transportation was so incredibly easy and pleasant.

On the flip side, Ireland is definitely no ray of sunshine. Ireland’s climate is huge challenge when attracting tourists. It tends to be a bit dreary and rainy the majority of the year and summer’s stay cool with only occasional bursts of sunshine. Another downer is the lack of diversity in this country, I’ve noticed that Ireland is very homogenous even in the cities and the company of other cultures is not common.

With all that said, I think the positives absolutely do outweigh the negative aspects of this country as a travel hotspot.tulipsboy an sheephowth

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