That’s a Wrap

Final Summary:

Today I write about a week out of arriving back home from China.  After being questioned for one week by everyone in my family about my experiences, I feel as though I have had proper time to reflect.  The things that I have learned I will never forget.  I have learned a ton about historic China, Chinese culture, and relations between US and China.

China is full of historic artifacts that not many people ever get to witness or experience.  Most of the artifacts were established in the Qin dynasty.  We learned about the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, Hutongs, the Forbidden City, the Terracotta Warriors, Yu Gardens, and the Muslim Quarter (I apologize if I left any out).  These are all things that everyone needs to go and see and experience.  There is information about these places in the rest of my blogs.  In school everyone talks about the Great Wall, but no one ever really discusses the rest of the countries artifacts.  Honestly after my experiences the Great Wall is one of the least significant of the places I have listed.  I will always remember everything that I have seen.

The next part of my reflection deals with Chinese culture.  It amazed me how these people live.  I expect for everyone to move fast, and never stand still.  I was kind of right with this.  It seemed like everyone was trying to do their own thing and move as fast as possible always.  There was no waiting around.  If you stand in line and don’t move with the crowd you will either get skipped or pushed to catch up.  At intersections cars do not wait for you to cross, this makes you fear for your life.  Authentic Chinese food is nothing like American Chinese food.  The only similarities are rice and meet.  Chinese people eat a lot more vegetables than we do too.  Honestly after eating this food an entire 2 weeks I was ready to come home and eat a nice juicy burger.  I still loved it though.  Everything in china is so cheap too.  You can buy a meal that would cost $20 in the US for $8 there.  I loved this part about it.  Coming back to the US and spending $10 on a pizza was not fun after getting a feast for the same price in China.  Also, Chinese people (at least in big cities), are a lot cleaner than US people.  There is no trash anywhere on the streets, and they care about keeping green in their cities, unlike in the US.  These are just a few of the things I have noticed about culture during my experiences in China.

The final part of my trip that I am going to talk about is what I learned about China and US relations.  Throughout the two weeks we learned a lot about Supply Chains and how Chinese companies are working with the US.  What I discovered during my time there was that China and the US both need each other.  The trade lines are so deeply rooted that neither party can survive without the other.  Chinese business men do not seem concerned with any “trade war” and feel like business will continue to be conducted as normal for years to come.  A lot of Chinese companies are trying to tap into the US economies.  Most business seem optimistic about this potential, but I feel as though the US market is flooded with most goods already and provide room for limited success.

These three things encompass just a bit of what I have learned on the trip.  I will never forget this journey and have learned things that will help me grow as a business individual in the future.  This truly was the best two weeks of my life.

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