We Lived in Ambiguity!

After spending two whole weeks in Ireland and completing my first study abroad experience, I have learned many valuable lessons that I will be able to takeaway from this trip that apply to both my personal and professional life. Ireland’s natural beauty has far surpassed my expectations and I’m excited to come back and show friends and family. Also, the way that the Irish do business have been particularly interesting to learn about and experience first hand when making purchases. Lastly, the culture and the kindness and pleasantries (for the most part) shown and extended to me have been flattering and added even more value to this lovely experience.

On the surface, I will always remember eating Siroos out of house and home at his local eatery, Chorus Cafe, I will remember our insightful tour guides which included Sylvie and our wonderful bus driver of Wild Rover tours, our amazing CAPA team and interesting site visits. I won’t ever forget how rich the cultural of Ireland is or my walks down Grafton street and being amazed by the sheer talent from humble street performers or my visits to the Cliffs of Moher or the Wicklow Mountains. I’ve made great connections with my peers on the trip and also with our program coordinators Brad and LIz.

The companies that we visited were unique and allowed us to see Ireland in a different light. Seeing these companies like this gave us insight on the companies themselves and also how they stacked up against other companies in Ireland and outside of Europe. A sense of Irish pride was woven deep in each of the companies that we visited which was surprising because multinationals like Google and Amazon still had an Irish flare. We were encouraged to evaluate our trips and visits and also think deeper with our frequent blog posts and discussions that took place after each visit. We were also encouraged to think about how we can market and recount this trip in interviews and to future employers.

Overall, I’ve gathered and learned so much out of this two week experience in Ireland about myself which I can easily relate to my academic and professional career. I’ve learned that much like the Irish I revel in ambiguity and love problem solving my way out of issues that arise due to situations being out of my own control. It’s exciting to see how I’ll adapt in uncomfortable situations and going with the flow of the unknown. On this trip, it became a routine experience to figure out what we were doing on the fly or with very short notice due to how the Irish do business and live out their day. Flexibility is a key skill that can be helpful and useful in many situations in the adult world and it was interesting to be able to live this out in a different context. As I prepare for my second study abroad experience in Shanghai, China this summer I will keep in mind the lessons I’ve learned on this trip. I’ll need to adapt like I didhere when it comes to how I interact with people, time zones and planning. I’m extremely grateful for this experience and will remember the words “We live in Ambiguity “ forever as life is all about facing and adapting to the unknown. Farewell Plus3 Ireland- Cheers!kilkenny.jpeg

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