Day 10: Splits, Tricks, and College Kids

Today was our first full day in Shanghai. Our plan for today was to visit a college. The university we visited was the East China University of Science and Technology. When we arrived at the school I noticed it was a bit different from the last university we had seen. This university did not have as much greenery and it seemed to have more students than the last one. The campus reminded me more of an American college. We started off by receiving a lecture from one of the professors. She helped us understand the tier system in China and gave a very insightful view of China and the way the country functions as a whole. After the lecture we were all split into pairs with a student from the university and we all had lunch. The student I had was name Camilla. She took us to the cafeteria so that I could choose what I wanted to eat. The first thing I noticed was that this place was nothing like Market. It was clean and went across two floors. All the food was fresh cooked for the students and they had way more options. I was honestly jealous because Market is about a 3/10 and their cafeteria is an 8/10. After our delicious meals, everyone got ice cream together from a nearby convenience store. I totally recommend if you’re looking to by a bar of ice cream, get the one that is mango, strawberry, and cream flavored because it was so delicious and refreshing. To end our trip at the university, we all played some games. The first game we played was kind of like hot potato, but instead of being eliminated from the game when the item was left with you, instead the person the “potato” landed on had to perform a talent. It was actually a nice addition to the classic game. Some people sang, others did dances, and a few told some jokes. The next game we played was a twist on never have I ever. Instead of eliminating fingers when we have done something, we had to eliminate them for when we didn’t do something. We were also in teams of 3, lucky for my team we had Dr. Li, who has done a lot of things. We came out the game victorious.

On this day they also offered an optional Chinese acrobatics show. I decided to go because it sounded like fun. We arrived at the show, it had a combination of different acts. A lot involved intense and complicated tricks that impressed me greatly. For one of the acts they wanted a volunteer so we all got Jared to go on stage. They then strapped him a large card and blindfolded him. They were going to throw knives at him, however, what they actually did was just pretend to throw the knives so that Jared would think he was in danger. We all let him believe that he actually risked his life. After the show we all walked around Shanghai and sang old 2000s hits. It was fun, we got to explore the city and get our steps in.

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