Day 11: Ocean East Logistics Visit and Yang Shan Port

Today was another day at a company visit. The company we were visiting today however was a logistics company. This company seemed to be closest to what I may want to do with my life, so I was more excited than I had been for the other company visits. When we arrived at the company we learned a lot. The person who gave the lecture was actually a Pitt grad which was even cooler. He was a foreign exchange student from the graduate engineering program. It was nice to see how going to the University of Pittsburgh can lead to such a cool career. After our very informative lecture we got a quick tour of the site. We all got cool highlighter yellow vests and visitors badges to wear. They took us on a tour of the warehouse. As the lecturer explained the warehouse and what they do their I noticed that that the machines were not being operated by anyone. They were all self-driving and well, self-working as well. It was really cool to see how efficient the machines were being all by themselves and there was even a point where multiple of them crossed paths and they did not collide. It was pretty cool to see how technology has advanced enough to make such a wonderful invention.

Next, we drove to see Yang Shan Port, the largest port in the whole world. I did not know what to expect, but when we first passed the port the first section was all completely autonomous, which felt unbelievable. Then, we soon started to get closer to the main section of the port. I could tell we were getting close because I saw crates and crates stacked upon each other. It looked like a least a million of different crates. Then, once we reached our final destination we stopped at a large rock which had the name of port displayed in gold Chinese characters. Once you stood on top of the rock you could see past the port to the Pacific Ocean. It was a really magnificent view. Then we got lunch together.

Some of the girls and I were getting really tired of Chinese food. We ask Yang Yang, our program coordinator in Shanghai what other foods were available nearby and she recommended an Italian restaurant within the mall. The mall was only a 10-minute walk from our hotel, however, since we are the worst people with directions, it took us a very long time to actually find it. After looking for a way to enter the mall for about 30 minutes, maybe more, we finally made it. The restaurant was really cute, it was decorated as if we were on a street in Italy. The food was really good and normal Italian food. We were all pleased with our meals. Then the girls and I decided to have a more relax night in. We played some cards and got bubble tea for dessert. It was a pretty sweet day overall.

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