The Farewell Dinner (May 17)

Today was the last day with planned activities for the trip. Liv and Anna slept through their alarm, so they awoke to pounding on their door. They quickly changed, and we only lost about 5 minutes. I was impressed by how quickly they got ready. After driving a short way, we reached a small village, where we all piled out of the bus to have a typical Bavarian breakfast of soft pretzels and weißwurst (white sausage). I’m not the biggest fan of weißwurst because I don’t like the mustard that comes with it, but it was better than other sausages I’ve had before. I also appreciate the ability to enjoy German culture while on this trip. Trying new things is always a positive experience in my opinion.

Traditional Bavarian Breakfast

After breakfast, we took an hour-long bus ride to Oberammergau, a small alpine town that is quite the tourist attraction. In the hour that we had to visit Oberammergau, I had some ice cream and visited some gift shops just to look around. The big cuckoo clocks here are really cool. They all appear to be handmade, and you can find them in about every other store. One shop owner was nice enough to make all his large cuckoo clocks run for us, and one of the clocks operated with running water.

Once we finished our brief stop in Oberammergau, we visited the  top of one of the nearby mountains via cable car. It was fun to tease Eric on the way up due to his fear of heights. At the top, we hung out, took some pictures, and watched Bob (who was a pitcher in high school) throw a few rocks down the mountain. The view was mostly obscured by fog, but I still got a good view of the landscape on the ride down the mountain. While we traveled down the slope, the people in our cable car jammed out to Liv’s Spotify, which was quite fun. The view on the way down was so beautiful. It reminded me of the national parks that we have in America.

View from the Mountain Top

Once we got back, we planned our free day tomorrow, and the other card players taught us a confusing game called Mao which is really fun once you get the hang of it. We went to our goodbye dinner at 6:30 with the German students, and it was kind of bittersweet. I’ll miss Lena, Sara, and Lucia, but I hope to stay in touch with them after the trip ends. The BMW group certainly couldn’t have done our presentation without those three.

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