The Sound of Music (May 18)

Today was the last day of the trip, and it was our free day. Stephen had the idea to go to Salzburg, Austria for the day, so yesterday we planned out our transportation. We got train tickets at the station and hopped on a train bound for Munich. It departed at 8:39, and we got to Munich around 9:20. While on the train, I taught Kayla, Grant, and Eric how to play Euchre. We got on a train bound for Salzburg at around 9:45, and we arrived around 11:45. We had planned to split the 14-person group up a bit when we got there, but it turns out Grant, Kayla, and I were the only ones who broke off. The three of us went to visit the old town, and we did a lot of poking around in cute little souvenir shops. We also walked up a steep incline to get to an old fortress, but we didn’t feel like paying to get in, so we just took in the view and turned around.

Salzburg Gardens

After hanging around the old part of town for a bit, we walked down the river to the next bridge and decided to go exploring. During our search, we found an old church (because how can you explore a city in Europe without finding an old church?), some really stunning views, beautiful scenery, and a playground. There were a few parts of the day where we just stood around and admired the view for several minutes because the landscape was so beautiful. I can definitely understand why the directors chose to film “The Sound of Music” in Salzburg. It was really fun to just hang out without much structure today because the freedom granted us the choice to tailor our day exactly the way we wanted it. It was also relaxing to just spend time with the friends I’ve made on this trip without worrying about completing our company presentations anymore.

Austrian Church

We all met up at 5:45 pm, and it seems like everyone went to the same places at different times today. We finished the Euchre game and moved on to Bait the Pig on the train ride back. We got back to Augsburg at about 9:20 and had some celebratory ice cream to commemorate the fantastic trip that we just finished. I know I am going to miss Germany and all the people that I just worked with in the last two weeks. It’s been such a blast.

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