Final Reflection

Studying abroad in Milan, Italy through the Plus3 Program was one of the most amazing experiences. I will always be beyond grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in this program especially with the help of the scholarship in which I received. Without a scholarship, it would have been difficult for me to afford the trip. I am very grateful for the $2,000 that was awarded to me and put towards my trip because without the scholarship, I might not have gotten to participate in such a wonderful program.

This trip really helped me nail down my future academic plans as well. The trip activities and site visits heavily revolved around supply chain management. Being able to see directly how the supply chain works in manufacturing and in the fashion world has made me that much more sure that supply chain is for me. I will continue studying supply chain management and marketing throughout my next 3 years at Pitt and will hopefully complete a few internships as well.

I learned so much through this program. One thing that I learned and didn’t realize it until we returned home, is the Italian culture in general. When I left Milan, I felt like I could have stayed there longer just by the amount of culture I had been exposed to. That’s pretty incredible if you ask me. We did learn a lot about fashion and the supply chain aspect of it. My favorite part of the trip was seeing designer brands that I knew being created by an upstream supplier. Every site visit that we went on, I was in awe the entire time. Overall, my trip was unforgettable and I will always be thankful for that opportunity.

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