Italy Reflection

I have recently returned from Italy from the Pitt Plus3 program. I gained amazing experience and knowledge over my stay in the gorgeous country, and I could not feel more grateful to have been chosen for this program. The scholarship given to me by Pitt sourced from the Thomas Angelo Honors Scholarship was so supportive and really helped me to finance my learning abroad.
While on the trip we went to both company site visits to research and observe the fashion supply chain, but also focused a lot on Italian culture and history by taking many tours of cities and museums. The site visits were incredible. We saw pieces being made for iconic, worldwide fashion brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and more. I noticed that the fashion supply chain is made possible by the complex combination of advanced mass production machinery and handwork done by artisans to meet the demand for individuality in a fast fashion world. So many decisions must be made on a day to day basis with each different point in the supply chain. I discovered that I had so much more love for fashion than I ever even realized, and if a business opportunity based on the fashion industry would ever arise, I would likely take it in a heart beat.
In addition, my eyes were opened to how much various societies function differently around the world, and seeing such differences helped me to put in perspective how enormous the world is and how many opportunities we have as students at Pitt. After this experience I would definitely like to pursue future study abroad options at the university. I hope to study abroad at another Pitt Abroad location for a longer term like a summer semester. During this trip I saw jaw dropping sites, made wonderful friends, ate food that was to die for, and researched fashion and business, two of my biggest passions. I can’t wait to see what future experiences abroad will bring me.

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