Day 11: Last Round of Companies

Today we went on our last two company visits. Our first visit of the morning was at Delphi Technologies. When we got there, they gave us a presentation about the business behind their company. Delphi Technologies works on electric vehicles and internal combustion engine propulsion solutions. They are also focused on environmentally friendly solutions to emission and fuel economy challenges. After the presentation, they took us to their lab.

Their lab was really interesting. They had a variety of cars that they were testing, and they took us through many rooms where they tested various components of the car engines that they manufacture. As a future mechanical engineer, I was very interested in looking at all of the machines. Most of the talk was at a higher level of understanding in terms of the technologies behind the machines, but I still enjoyed looking at the mechanisms and factors that go into producing the cars at Delphi Technologies. I took lots of pictures of machines that had lots of wires and buttons. It was really interesting to see more of the engineering side of a company in China.

After touring Delphi Technologies, we went to lunch before heading to the American Chamber of Commerce. At the American Chamber of Commerce, they gave us a presentation on what they do. AmCham is very business oriented; they are known as “the Voice of American Business” in China. To me, it seemed like they were kind of the middle man between China and the US in terms of business and communication. They took a lot of business questions from our group after their presentation.

After the presentation, my friend, Haley, and I asked Yangyang to set up a massage for us. We had to push the time back a little when the bus was running late to pick us up from AmCham. When we got back to the hotel, Haley and I just started walking to the spa. When we got there, they had us pick out oils and packs of potpourri. It was more difficult to figure out what exactly we had to do because I had never gotten a massage before and the language barrier. But when we finally figured out what to do and laid on the tables, the masseuses came in, and we got a 60-minute massage. It was really relaxing, and it was nice to get away from our large group for a while. I think it was just what both of us needed. We didn’t get back in time to get dim sum with everybody, but we found a restaurant to eat at that was close to the hotel. We shared four dishes after pointing at pictures and had a really nice meal. After dinner, we went back to the hotel to finish up our business presentation with our group. Once we wrapped that up, we gathered a group to explore the city some more at night. We had a really fun time; lots of walking, some dancing. It was crazy to think that our trip was soon coming to an end.


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