Day 12: On Top of the World

Today started rough- I overslept and had 15 minutes to get ready for the day and eat breakfast.  I rushed downstairs to grab a crescent to eat on the bus and joined the group.  This morning was rough for more than me- Liv and Anna completely overslept and were woken up to pounding on their door from other students when it was time to leave.  I think everyone messed up their sleep schedules by sleeping in the previous day.  I fell asleep on the bus and awoke when we arrived at our destination- the middle of nowhere!


We entered a restaurant for a traditional Bavarian breakfast- pretzels and white sausages.  I sat at a table with Liv, Grant, Josh, and Dr. Feick who told us that this restaurant is only open on Thursday mornings for breakfast.  Since I had just woken up, I opted against trying the sausage and only ate a pretzel instead.

IMG_1681 (1)

After breakfast, we got back on the bus to head over to Oberammergau.  Upon arrival, we got some free time to walk around and explore the town.  To my surprise, the town was touristy, meaning there were many souvenir shops and tourist attractions.  I ended up buying more souvenirs- especially some hand carved wooden figurines, which is what Oberammergau is famous for.


Next, we got back on the bus to drive over to a gondola ski lift to go up to the top of a mountain.  Each gondola could only hold up to 8 people, so we had to split into smaller groups.  The ride was several minutes long and stopped halfway through.  I spent the entire ride up with my eyes shut and my hands clenching to bar in the gondola.  When we reached the top, it was like we had entered into a cloud.  The views from the top of the mountain were amazing despite the fog.


I was able to get some pictures of me on the top of the mountain.



We took many group pictures on top the mountain as well.



The longer I stayed on top the mountain, the more comfortable I became with being at such a high height.  This made the ride back down the mountain more interesting.  With Liv as our DJ, we sang popular songs during the ride down.


We had a bit of free time in Augsburg before dinner.  Since I had not eaten lunch and barely ate breakfast, I was starving and could not wait until dinner for food.  Liv and I decided to go to a fry stand near Maximillianstrasse.  Once again, the worker only spoke German, but we managed to order our fries.  To finish the evening, we went to a fancy restaurant for the Goodbye Dinner.  This was when I officially said goodbye to many of the German students.  This also meant the program was almost over.  These were 2 things I was not ready for.  During dinner, I sat with most of my KUKA presentation group.  Unsure of what to order for dinner, I chose the option that had fries.  Dinner was delicious, but I had ruined my appetite by getting fries an hour earlier.  After dinner, we talked with the German students outside the restaurant and took many pictures.  I was sad to see the night end, as I will miss everyone.



KUKA group






Dog Counter: I saw 19 dogs today!


Low of the Day:

Saying goodbye to all the German students


High of the Day:

Singing in the gondola on the ride down the mountain

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