Day 12: Oberammergau

Day 12 started with an early morning bus ride to a small town to try weisswurst, which is a white sausage. We got to the restaurant very early (on a Thursday) and it was already packed with people drinking beer and eating. To eat the weisswurst you first have to cut the links apart, then you have to remove the outer casing. I really liked the weisswurst and thought that it was delicious, especially with the mustard they served it with. After we ate, we took another short bus ride to Oberammergau, which is a small town at the base of a mountain.

I found the town portion of Oberammergau very interesting. It looked just like you’d expect a small German town to look. It had many winding roads with small shops and restaurants, however I felt like we were the only people there. There weren’t many people at all, but that may have been due to the poor weather. The main attraction in Oberammergau is the gondola ride to the top of the mountain, which has an unbelievable view that stretches for miles. At first we were hesitant to go up to the top due to their being many clouds and fog at the top of mountain which would block any view we might have had. We ultimately decided to take the ride up and hope for the best. The ride itself was pretty snug, but it showed incredible views of the town and surrounding areas. After about a seven minute ride, we arrived at the top and sadly couldn’t really see anything due to the clouds and fog. However it did eventually clear up, but only for about 10 minutes. The view was truly jaw dropping and I felt very lucky to experience such a unique and beautiful view.

Later that night was our farewell dinner with the German students. We had dinner at a restaurant in the basement of the Town Hall. It was very unique restaurant in that it seemed very modern but the brick walls and gothic-inspired brick ceilings seemed centuries old. The food was yet again amazing and saying goodbye to the German students was bittersweet. They really made the trip a lot of fun and were always so helpful and welcoming. It was also sad because we all started to realize that our trip was coming to an end.

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