Day Eleven: Presentations

Today I got some much-needed rest because we had nothing scheduled except our presentations at 5:30. Today was intentionally left open on our schedules so we could prepare for our presentations. We met with our group at the university around noon. We were given meal tickets for the cafeteria, but one member of our group lost their ticket. Luckily, I had two tickets because I am the greatest human to ever grace this earth (In reality I did not use my ticket from the other day and I kept it). After I saved the world, we got started on putting the finishing touches on our presentation about KUKA robotics and practicing. In order to meet the time limit, each one of us could only use about two and a half minutes which was going to be difficult because we had a few videos displaying what KUKA robots can do. After some last minute editing and uploading to PowerPoint we felt that we were confident in our presentation and it was time to give our presentation.

Well, we couldn’t actually start because the BMW group was late. This was not all bad because them not being there gave us a better chance of not going last. We decided the order by picking numbers out of a hat and one of our group members, who will remain nameless to save themselves from the unbearable embarrassment, was extremely confident in their ability to get a number other than 5 (5 means you are last to present). This person was the first person to pull a number and of course, it was a 5. This meant that we had to wait around two hours to present and my first thought was that I will forget everything I knew about KUKA in those two hours. To add insult to injury, the BMW group who missed the drawing of numbers still somehow ended up with 1 and the ability to present first.

Once the presentations started I saw a different side of the students that I had been shooting the breeze with. Everyone was professional, knew their information, and their presentations stayed on topic. I always knew that no one liked to give presentations in front of a group of people, but up until this point I always worried about presenting. It’s only taken me nineteen years, countless presentations, and a study abroad trip for me to finally get over my irrational fear of presenting. I was finally ready to present.

After four great presentations it was finally our turn. I walked up to the front of the classroom with confidence after watching everyone else do so well. On the second slide we had a video and it refused to play. All my confidence went out the window. In that moment I felt the part of me that uploaded that video into our presentation die. It was a good run. It turned out that it was smooth sailing after the technical difficulties and our graders even gave us some time limit relief.

At the end of our presentation I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders and I knew I could enjoy my last two days in Germany with nothing to worry about.

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