Day Twelve: Oberammergau

I can’t believe how my time in Germany has flown by. There are only 2 days left. On day 12 we travelled to Oberammergau this day to see the Alps. We stopped along the way at a rural restaurant and had a traditional Bavarian breakfast of pretzels and weiβwurst, which is a white sausage.  The sausage was brought to us in the water that it was boiled in and my mind went directly to the gross hot dog water that is left over in a hot dog package. After removing the sausage from the water, we had to cut off the casing. The sausages were delicious and fresh. When I asked Dr. Feick about them he explained that they make them across the street and bring them over here and cook them – literally could not be fresher.


I love to be outdoors in nature, so this was one of my favorite days. The German landscape is much different than the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania that I am accustomed to. It was flat, flat, flat then suddenly a mountain. I have seen the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachians, but they are nothing like the mountains in Oberammergau. The mountains here shoot straight up vertically with a severe slope. It was like nothing I have ever seen before.  I spent the day taking so many pictures and they just cannot do justice to what my eyes took in.

We were given some free time and I used it to walk around town. I kept talking pictures of the mountains from different angles. It shows in my camera roll because I have near duplicates of every picture I took there. The town was friendly with some interesting architecture. I saw a building that looked like a venue for concerts.  It had a retractable ceiling that could be rolled along tracks to create an open-air venue when the weather is nice. Next to this theater I found a stream and walked along it for a while. Took some more pictures.

After touring around the town, we took a vote and then rode cable car to the top of the mountain. On the way up I noticed that some of the pine trees were growing purple pine cones. As we got closer to the top we entered a cloud that had engulfed the peak. Because of the cloud, we were unable to see the town but it was still impressive to be up there. The view was partially obscured by the cloud but it was still amazing.  On the way back down, the cable car took a sudden dip at the end – just enough to scare everyone.  And when I say everyone, I mean me.  I have never been on a cable car before and didn’t know that was going to happen. So, I had a mini heart attack and died for the second time on the trip.  Good thing I have nine lives.


After a great day, I was able to catch some more sleep on the bus on the way back, which was an extra bonus.

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