Day 10: Ocean East and Yang Shan Port Visit

Today, we visited the company: Ocean East International Logistics. Prior to that, the most I had really heard of Logistics was from a UPS commercial back in the day that had lines like “when the things that we need come at just the right speed, that’s logistics” and other lines I would just mumble until the hook came again and I’d sing, “That’s logistics!”. But today, I actually got to learn about the true meaning and some factors that come into play when planning out shipments and deliveries. I loved the presentation and it got me thinking of minoring or getting a certificate in something related to supply chain to supplement my engineering background.



To supplement all our new knowledge on logistics, we went to visit the world’s largest sea port which is located in Shanghai. Unbelievable, right! As I got off the bus and looked around I just kept thinking to myself: This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I will probably never have the chance to experience this again. I was so grateful to be there and even though there wasn’t much to learn at the site, there was just so much to take in. Later, on the bus ride, we got to learn about the many factors that are considered when choosing a shipment method, pricing, size of shipping vehicles, and preservation factors. I felt like I had been introduced to a whole new world I hadn’t paid much attention to before.

Later during the day, my friends and I were seriously craving Italian food. So started our hunt for delicious pasta. We had a place in mind but getting there was the problem. We started walking from our hotel to the mall where the restaurant was located but the map did us real dirty.

We kept getting led to a place where there was no sidewalk or walkway. We decided to take the underpass, but it just led us to the other side of the street where there was still no walkway! Eventually, we discovered the building we were looking for but still no luck on getting inside. So, we stood at a distance and stared at the mall and cried inner tears at our misery. How hard could it have been to get into a mall that we could see right in front of us?? Eventually we put our knowledge caps on and maneuvered through a few streets and eventually found a hidden entrance.

Now we had found a way into the mall. But we hadn’t conquered our greatest dilemma: finding the pasta restaurant. We went up several escalators, looped around the floors a couple of times until we eventually found our restaurant. Alas, Pastamania!



We quickly got to ordering and the food arrived in an instant. Oh how much I had missed marinara, meatballs, and cheese. We feasted and chowed down on our yummy food and headed back to the hotel. When we got back to the hotel, we hung out in the lounge area, had some soda, and played card games like losers that we were. And that was the beautiful end to a great day.


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