Day 10: Pizza Hut is Much Fancier in China

I actually woke up after 7:30 this morning. I “slept in” for the first time all trip, and I am a big fan. We had a later start this morning because we were going to the East China University of Science and Technology. We would be spending the day with students and talking to them about their experiences at university compared to our own.

At the university, we listened to a presentation by Dr. Huong who answered our questions about the trade war going on between China and the US as well as presented upon the current political climate of China and some of its demographics of the cities. It was very interesting to receive this information and to hear about from the perspective of an individual who has lived in China her whole life.

We were then split up into groups of two and paired with a student from the university. We were going to have lunch with them in the cafeteria, but then we lost our student, so we were very confused about what to do. We ended up finding here after lunch, and she bought us ice cream to apologize for losing us, so it all worked out in the end. For lunch, we ended up getting dumplings, and there were about 20 dumplings on a single plate which was way too many. They were good, but it was too many. I never thought I would get tired of eating dumplings, but I think I may be. I need a break from all of the dumplings.

After lunch and after our student found us, the whole group walked back to the classroom we were in originally. We played games with them for the next few hours which was fun. After that, we left the university and went back to the hotel.

Once it hit around 5 o’clock, a few of us tried going to a noodle place for dinner, but we had a bit of a struggle. We were following the GPS and everything was going well, but then the location of the restaurant was behind this locked gate. We thought maybe the GPS was off, so we kept walking around the block. We still couldn’t find it, so we tried asking security guards, but they didn’t help a lot. We tried asking this old woman who was inside one of the gates, but then she tried giving us the keys to her house, so we left. We found on one of the corners this little kiosk that gave directions and even had games you could play on it. So, we played Fruit Ninja on a street corner in Shanghai just because we could. Clearly, everything was going to plan, and we were doing well at this point.

We never found the restaurant, so we left to go to a mall because we figured there would be many food choices there. At the mall, we entered the ground floor and took the escalators up to the top floor. It was the most confusing set of escalators I have ever seen. It took us a while to find a food place and we wanted to explore more other than the mall, so we just went into a Pizza Hut to save time.

This Pizza Hut was an experience. It was this nice sit-down restaurant and not like the normal Pizza Hut in America. The menu options were also much different than the ones in the US. There was pizza obviously, but also there were appetizers, steaks, mixed drinks, and so much more. It was so fancy and upscale for a Pizza Hut. We decided to order two pizzas – one with duck on it and one that we thought was a cheese pizza that turned out to be similar to a supreme pizza. There was ham, pineapple, olives, shrimp, crab, chicken, green peppers, tomato, meatballs, pepperoni, and a miscellaneous tentacle. I never in a million years would have ordered this pizza on my own, but when in Shanghai… Both of these pizzas were absolutely delicious . As strange as the second pizza sounds, it was really good, and the duck was also incredible. I was just looking for a simple cheese pizza, but I got a great experience trying new pizza instead.

day 10.1

day 10.2

After Pizza Hut, we wanted to go to the Shanghai Tower – the tallest building in Asia. We especially wanted to go at night because of the spectacular view we would be able to see. We took an elevator going 18 m/s to get to the 119th floor of the building. The view was absolutely spectacular and beautiful. There are no words to describe how mesmerizing the view was. The pictures don’t do it justice, but they capture some of its beauty. We were able to see all the way down at the bottom where we were only a few minutes ago. Everything was so dwarfed in comparison to where we were standing. We stood up there for about an hour before they kicked us out, and I could have stayed up there all night if they would have let me. It was a little pricey, but definitely worth it because the view was so incredible.

day 10.5

We took the subway back to our hotel afterwards, which was a smooth journey (we’re pros at taking the subway now). After another very long day, I crashed on my bed and was dead to the world for the night.

day 10.4

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