Yu Garden and Going Home!

Last day of the trip. Wow. Got to say that I’ve really experienced a lot on this trip. Going through food poisoning and experiencing the hospital was cool I guess.

Anyway, our day started with an early trip to the Yu Garden. This garden is hidden amongst the skyscrapers. Our tour guide led us a small alley for 300m and popped in to this little Market and Garden Paradise. From there we had to walk past a very crowded market  to get to our main destination, the garden. It looked like an oasis after entering it because of its ponds, bridges, and trees. There were strange limestone structures that our tour guide explained was a display of wealth. That made me remember the even bigger and stranger limestone structures in the garden in the forbidden city garden, which seemed to make a lot of sense. The walls that surrounded us had dragon statues across the top. The heads were over doorways and the body ran across the top of the wall.

Following the garden is the market. We were given an hour and a half to ourselves to go play in the market. This was another bartering market, which meant I could find something for cheap if I want it enough to barter for it. After bartering and buying in the beating sun for an hour, we decided to find a spot to cool off in the mall that was just next door.

Once in the mall, my friend and I played a claw machine because we had nothing better to do. I won my first try, but it got stuck. My friend decided to win in the same machine to knock it down, but his landed on top of mine, and got stuck too. A bunch of Chinese spectators started to bang on the glass for us to try to knock it down, and eventually  an employee came over and opened up the machine to hand us our prizes. We know have near identical physical memories from that spot in those little stuffed dogs.

Later that night, we had our final business presentations to the lovely judges Dr. Li, Gabi, and Jane. After about two hours of presentations we all went to dinner while the judges stayed behind to discuss results. They later joined us for dinner and afterwards announced the awards. My team’s presentation ended up getting 1st overall, and a fancy decorated Sunshine Insurance USB drive to prove it.

The next day was our flight home.

I am happy to return home, but I’ll be back China. I gained many valuable memories and experiences, and I’m extremely happy to have had the opportunity to go on this trip.

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