Day 11: Presentation Day- Happy Birthday Jeremy!

Today was the day we gave our final presentations.  I woke up and put my business professional outfit on.  My group decided it would be best to meet early in the afternoon at the University to get our final thoughts together and practice our timing.  Jeremy, Stephen, Lexi, and I took the tram over to the University.  First we went to the Mensa, the dining hall on campus to eat lunch.  After lunch, we headed to the business building to finalize our presentation.  We had to coordinate our meeting time as Jan, Felix, and Marius all had class at different times that day.  We edited our PowerPoint in order to stay under the 20 minute requirement and prepared extra slides for the Q&A session of our presentation.  We went to a classroom and hooked up a laptop to the projector to conduct our final practice runs.  They lasted 20:24 and 19:36, right near our target time of 20:00 minutes even.  We finished our final practice and went to a small cafe on campus to get a quick snack before it was time to meet with the other groups for our presentations.  We all met back 5:30 in the business building and it was decided that my group, Continental, would go third.


After BMW and H&K, we were up.  We had plenty of practice and I was confident with our group as a whole and my part individually.  I was designated to go last and discussed current technologies Continental is working on including V2X Communication and 5G Network capabilities.  Everything went smoothly and most importantly, we finished under 20 minutes at 19:40.  I felt our group also did a good job of answering questions from other students.  Our practice definitely paid off.  All the groups did a great job presenting and all had really interesting information.  One presentation that stood out was H&K’s because they explained to us that they felt their company wasn’t doing well financially.  They presented that their company was becoming less competitive in their market as technology progressed and that they may go under in the next several years.  We all returned to the hotel, relieved that our presentations were over.  Tonight was also Jeremy’s Birthday, so nearly the whole group went out to celebrate.

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