Thomas Angelo Honors Scholarship

While abroad I was able to learn a lot of about the coffee industry and the Costa Rican economy. On this trip, we took many cite visits of coffee plantations, mills, and roasters. Through this we were able to learn exactly how the coffee industry works. We learned each step of the supply chain of coffee. Along with this we learned about what other things impact the Costa Rican economy. Tourism has a huge effect on the economy. A good chunk of their money is earned through tourism. Because of tourism it has made Costa Rica change some of their ways. Now they have a lot more wildlife reservation. There are many policies in place to protect all of the wildlife and forests.

This scholarship enabled me to be more focused on my studies while in Costa Rica. Since the amount of this scholarship is a fairly large amount I was able to worry less of the financial impact this trip would have on me. Without that worry, I was better able to go out and explore the Costa Rican culture.

At the University of Pittsburgh, I plan on continuing my studies. I am majoring in marketing while getting certificates in digital media and communications. I currently have 3 internships, 1 over the summer in New York City and then 2 when I return to Pittsburgh. Over the summer I am interning in the marketing department at a company called Free County, they make and design outdoors wear. When I get back to campus I am going to be a recruiter for Hillel. I am also the marketing intern for Jus College, they plan spring breaks for universities all across the country. On top of all of this I am the current recruitment chair of Zeta Beta Tau. To say the least I have a very busy semester ahead of me.

Thank you again for the scholarship!

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