Final Blog: Post-China Final Summary

For my final blog, I will discussing five professional development topics. My responses are a combination of previous knowledge and fresh opinions. The topics of the questions are found in the headers below.

Ethical Issues In My Profession

To be clear, my current, intended profession is somewhere within the finance industry. We have seen the atrocities within this industry that are often rooted in ethical issues. While ethical issues can be endless, there are a few that generalizations that can sum together a lot of the issues. Some of which includes self-interest of lower level employees turning into greed or selfishness, company demands conflicting with professional duties, the issue of legal versus moral behavior, and finally, advances by clients to push into unethical behavior.

Educational Breadth, Lifelong Learning, & Continuing Education as Professional Development

Educational breadth or the full span of knowledge within a subject is extremely important to professional development. Breadth details the wide range of subtopics found within every topic. For instance, within business, you can see the variety within the field at CBA alone. You have all of the majors, minors, and certificates surrounding the various topics offered. Furthermore, each of which could be detailed into their own four year degree and the majors expanded even more. Once one finds whatever field they find suited best for themselves, the lifelong learning aspect comes into play heavy. First, you get to your job and are flooded with all the new aspects surrounding professional life that expand upon your current knowledge. Second, with the advancements of technology and accessibility to news our generation has, companies must push for their employees to be lifelong learners. Companies with lifelong learners will always be on the cusp of new trends in the industry and be able to properly implement them as well as taking other companies’ failures and making sure their company does not fall victim as well. Continuing education goes hand in hand with being life learners but instead it includes a formal aspect. Whether you are receiving more diplomas or attending conferences, formally furthering education allows for higher chances of professional advancement as well.

The Social Environment of Professional Life

Within professional life, I think the social environment is most unique aspect. While most other aspects of business can be regulated with laws and norms. Acceptable social behavior is always changing as culture evolves. That calls for company rules and regulations to constantly be updated. However, most updates are at the hash of previous failures. One example where this topic can be examined in the recent Starbucks case where two patrons were arrested at a store in Philadelphia. Granted, Starbucks did an amazing job fixing policy and recovering from the incident. However, not all companies are as effective at handling such issues. This is what make the social environment of professional life the most unique and ever changing aspect of professional life.

Functioning on Multi-Disciplinary Teams

For functioning on multi-disciplinary teams to be successful, communication has to be efficient and systematic. Mixing IT and Finance employees to create an effective AI application may be excellent but the dialogues and vocabularies of each team can be polar opposites and even full of false synonyms. With proper and full communication, these simple issues can be overcome, but without, time and work will be wasted in abundance. Open and free flow of ideas are also extremely important as anyone can provide important feedback or innovative ideas regardless of their background.

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