Italy Scholarship Reflection

I would like to express how thankful I am to have received the Thomas Angelo Honors Scholarship. I have always wanted to study abroad but cost was a big concern for me and my family. With the help of this scholarship, I was able to go on the trip without the financial worry that I thought I would have. This trip was amazing and everything I thought it would be. Through this program I have gotten to experience true Italian culture and made the most amazing friends all while learning so much about the fashion supply chain.

While on this trip I saw it all: Gucci, Balanciaga, Louis Vuitton and much more. To a small town girl like me, this was all I ever wanted and more. Getting to meet the man responsible for the knitwear produced for brands like Yeezy and Givenchy was an absolute dream. Also, getting to learn the behind the scenes to it all opened my eyes to the realness of the fashion world. Fashion is not just focused on making nice clothes, it is altering its focus onto real issues in the supply chain. These issues include environmental and social as well as distributional. This trip allowed me to open my mind to the real issues in fashion and how big brands are working to improve it.

After this trip, I have become even more interested in working in the business side of fashion. I plan to major in Marketing with a Spanish minor and earn a certificate in International Business. This was only the beginning to my experiences traveling abroad and I can not be more grateful to have been given this amazing opportunity!IMG_8872

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