Post Program

Overall this trip provided me with the greatest experience of my life. It was my first trip to Europe and went above and beyond any of the expectations I had. The historical sites we visited like Neuschwanstein, Oberammergau, Dachau, and the multiple beautiful churches, was eye-opening and incredible to witness in person. It is one thing to learn about these places in a classroom or see them in pictures, but it is a completely different thing to see and experience them in person. The company visits were very professional and insightful and I learned a great deal about the automobile industry and where its headed in the coming years. The technology present in some of the factories we visited were far beyond any technology I thought existed. Through preparing our company presentations, I learned a great deal about how to create a professional and interesting company analysis that delved deep into not only business aspects of a company, of which I was more familiar with, but also an engineering perspective. Working with the engineering students gave me a greater all around knowledge of the importance of the business and engineering collaboration present in almost every major corporation today. Working with the German students was probably my favorite part of the trip. They were very welcoming and intelligent and brought a whole new perspective to the presentation. Plus3 is something I would recommend to every business and engineering student that is at all interested in study abroad. It was a life changing trip and has definitely given me a better understanding of how business is conducted around the world.

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