Xièxiè China

Traveling to China has been one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve not only learned a lot about Chinese culture, but I’ve learned a lot about America just by living in China for 2 weeks. Being in China has really made me realize America’s place as a world leader is really being threatened. China invests way more in technology and infrastructure than we do, and it has a large population eager to learn about the world. I’ve also learned about my profession, engineering. Many of the ethical issues in engineering revolve around automation. Sure, automated forklifts are cool but they cost jobs, and if used improperly can be dangerous. Civil Engineers in China don’t have to worry about their projects impacts on people that much, as shown by China’s willingness to demolish homes to build dams and Olympic stadiums.

It is extremely important to have a wide breadth of education to develop yourself professionally. I learned about a lot of business topics on this trip I really had no interest in before, but they could be important in a job. I was also exposed to many new industries and fields such as third party logistics. I find this area very interesting and it could influence my professional development. This would not be possible without a breadth of education. Many of the engineers and businessmen we spoke to in China have continued to learn throughout their lives, and even switch careers. The Delphi engineer switched from engineering to business and Mac from the Deep-Water port switched from humanities to what is essentially industrial engineering. This trip has taught me about working on Multi-Disciplinary teams. Before going to China, almost everyone I knew was an engineer. This leads to very limited perspectives. I’ve now met and become friends with many business students who just think differently than engineers. While working on our pitch for Sound Mobile, the business kids in my group thought of ideas and solutions I never could have come up with as a engineer.

To sum it up, Plus3 China has helped me grow professionally and culturally, more than I ever could have hoped for. The things I’ve experienced on this trip will stay with me for the west of my life. Gabi, Liliana, Young, Jane, and especially Dr. Li did an amazing job guiding us on the trip of a lifetime. This isn’t goodbye to China, this is until next time…

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