5/16-Presentations (finally)

Today was the day! We finally finished everything up. We started the day by sleeping in quite a bit. We were tired in the morning but pulled ourselves out of bed to go to the University to meet with the German students and finish off our presentation prep. The morning was uneventful unless you find a play by play of our work eventful. We cleaned up the presentation and practiced our timing over and over. We got more and more confident with each go-through, but each go-through took 20 minutes, so it was a long morning. We finally got to the big event: the presentations. Each presentation was long but interesting, given that we had a personal experience with each company. I liked hearing from everyone giving their input and we had some decent discussions after each presentation.

We got up there and did a good job! We finished just under the time limit and said almost everything we had intended to say. I think we also handled the questions well. It was so relieving to finally be done!

After we finished, we all decided to spend the rest of the day out in Augsburg enjoying the freedom that comes when one’s work is done. We got some excellent Italian food. The pizza here is quite good and I got to enjoy it one more time. We hung out talking late into the night and some German students hung out with us. It is good to be done. I am thankful for the opportunity I’ve been given and now that it is nearing the end, I can’t help but be a little sad. But the next two days will be packed and the friendships and memories will last.

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