Day 11: The Big Day (Presentation Day)

Today was the day we had all been waiting for. Presentation day. In order to be prepared my group decided to head over to the University of Augsburg early so that we would have enough time to eat lunch and practice our presentation with the German students, who still had classes that day.

For lunch my group and I decided to go back to the cafeteria to eat. There I decided to get a salad from the salad bar this time. I found it interesting that their salad bar was much different than in America as in America the basis of our salads are lettuce, while there lettuce was a much smaller option, and the basis for the salad was corn and tomatoes. The salad was still good to eat but just interesting for me to create as I am used to having much more lettuce in my salad than I did.


After eating lunch my group headed over to the building where we presenting. We had time to spare as the German students in our group had class until two and it was only noon. To kill some time we all decided to find a table and a few of us laid our head down for a bit. That was another thing I noticed that was different in Germany than in America. In America you will often find a college student arriving to class in sweatpants, or running shorts and a sweatshirt, something that is very casual and comfy, and also in American you will often find a student probably sleeping on some desk. I noticed that in Germany I never saw this, I also never saw any student wear any sweatpants or anything other than jeans or dress pants. I found this to be very interesting as each student seemed to come to class dressed to impress every day while often I go to class in leggings and a sweatshirt.

Once two o’clock came our group got together as a while and ran few our presentation quite a few times just to ensure our timing was right. Our first time running through the presentation we were roughly 28 minutes and we had to cut this down greatly as our time limit was 20 minutes. After getting rid of some of the information and deciding to summarize some parts we practiced a few more time and were able to get our presentation to be exactly twenty minutes.

After wrapping up our practice my group headed to the presentation room where we began to watch the presentations. BMW went first and I was instantly nervous after watching their presentation as the intro Anna did was very good and a great attention grabber. After BMW two more groups went and each were very informative and helped me to better understand what I was looking at when I attended their company. After the third group it was my group’s turn to present and I was quite nervous that we would go over the time limit. Luckily, we did not and I felt relief wash over me as the hardest part of the trip was over.

Once the last presentation was over all of us then headed out and went to grab some food for Jeremy’s birthday. We went to an Italian restaurant but rather than ordering Italian I decided to try the Currywurst they restaurant had as it was a German food that I had meaning to try throughout the trip. The Currywurst was very good and filling and reminded me of like a hot dog without a bun at home. After eating it I then headed back to the hotel, where I gave up on packing my luggage and instead headed straight for bed.


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