Day 12: Oberammergau (Obama’s House)

May 17th, our last full day in Germany. We started off the day getting onto a bus to head towards where we would be eating a typical Bavarian breakfast. At the location we learned that a typical Bavarian breakfast consists of pretzels and weisswurst, which you have to take the casing off of before you eat, both eaten with a mustard sauce. I didn’t like the weisswurst very much but I did like the mustard sauce and I also liked the atmosphere of the location. It reminded me of farmers markets back home where people got together to eat the hot dogs and fruit they bought, except instead of fruit and hot dogs, we were eating pretzels and weisswurst at nine in the morning. I also found this breakfast interesting because a ton of people seemed to be there and the town seemed very small so lots of people must’ve traveled very far just for this breakfast.



After breakfast we got back on the bus and traveled towards a neighboring town called Oberammergau. No one could pronounce this word so a lot of us just ended up calling it Obama’s house because that’s what it sounded like. Once in Oberammergau I was struck by how beautiful it was a small town completely surrounded by such large mountains. Once arriving I of course had to go and grab some ice cream. I once again got chocolate ice cream, which looking back now I regret because every day for two weeks I didn’t try anything other than the chocolate ice cream. Although in the moment it seemed to be the right choice as the chocolate ice cream tasted so good no matter what city we were in. After receiving our ice cream, a group of us decided to explore the city a bit more with our free time and we began to walk around.


As we were walking around I noticed that at the top of the mountain was a cross. I was confused as to why that was there so I asked the German student and that is when I learned that apparently it is custom in Bavaria that when someone is the first person to reach the top of a mountain he must put a cross there. I found this interesting because in American culture we tend to put the American flags when we are the first person somewhere while in Bavaria they put a cross.


As a group we continued to walk around the town for a bit, saw a horse, and then eventually made it back to the bus where we were then headed to the cable car which would take us to the top of Mt. Laber.


A lot of us were nervous that we would not get to experience going to the top of this mountain as there was question whether we should even go given how foggy it was out. I really wanted to go just to get the experience even if I couldn’t see anything at the top and luckily we decided to still go and give it a shot.

When arriving to the cable car I was on one of the first cars up and I am happy that I was because we had a beautiful view on the way up and being the first ones up there gave us the most time to spend taking pictures. Arriving at the top we noticed at first it was quite foggy but over time it cleared up just enough to take some great photos. From the top you still really couldn’t see the town down below but that was alright because after taking photos at the top of the mountain we headed back down and on the way down I was able to get some great phtoos.



Going to the top of Mt. Laber was probably one of the most fun things for me because I had never been on a mountain that high up and it was a great experience to get to see what a town would look like from so high up. I had also never been on a cable car like that before the trip so this part of the trip was also a great experience for me to try that for the first time.

After visiting Mt. Laber we then returned to Augsburg where we had our farewell dinner. At the farewell dinner I ordered the jaeger schnitzel, the same thing I had the first day, and I forgot to take a photo of it but it was very good. During the dinner I got to talk to my group a bit more and learned how one is a basketball coach and that basketball is probably the second most popular sport in Germany after football (soccer). After discussing to my group a bit more about sports we had to eventually leave and I headed straight for bed as tomorrow we would be leaving early to catch the train to Salzburg, Austria.

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