Day 13: Full Circle


Since today is our free day, a bunch of us decided to travel to Salzburg, Austria.  All 14 of us met up in the morning to walk to the train station.  We were able to get day passes for the train since we would have to travel to Munich and switch trains to get to Salzburg.  We got to the train station extra early to ensure the traveling went smoothly considering our group’s previous bad luck with trains.  The train was mostly empty, so we were able to all sit together.  I took a nap on the train to make sure I would be awake and alert once we got to Austria.  Once we got to Munich, we only had about 15 minutes to find the next train before it left the station.  The ride from Munich to Austria was scenic.  The train stopped in many small towns in the countryside.  I even was able to see some people waiting at stations in lederhosen and dirndls, which are traditional Bavarian clothes.  One thing that I was not expecting was that many people use the train system to travel for vacation.  Many people at the train stations were carrying luggage.  I had brought my passport with me to Austria, but I did not end up needing it.  This is because Germany and Austria are a part of the Schengen area of free travel, meaning that one can freely travel between borders without needing a passport.  This system is similar to traveling between states in America.  I found it shocking how we were able to freely walk off the train and enter Austria.


We split into 2 groups to get lunch and explore the city.  After lunch, my group went to a garden area.


With Stephen as our leader, we were able to see many spots where The Sound of Music was filmed.

Additionally, we saw spots dedicated to Mozart, such as a statue and the house he was born in.

One of the first things we did was hike up to a castle on the top of a hill.  We decided not to enter the castle, as it cost money, but we took many pictures at the top.  The views were incredible!

While walking between destinations, everyone was in search of a place to stop for ice cream.  After several failed attempts, we eventually found a place with enough flavor options for cheap.  What I found interesting was that the ice cream parlor was next to a McDonalds with a fancy street sign.


After touring a few more attractions, we grabbed dinner at a döner place (my last döner ☹) and met back up with the rest of the group.





Dog Counter: I saw 25 dogs today!


Low of the Day:

On the train ride back from Salzburg, there were 2 little kids running up and down the aisle.  This wasn’t a problem until the toddler fell and started screaming for the remainder of the train ride.


High of the Day:

While walking around the city, I noticed a golden brick, which I learned about during the city tour of Regensburg.  This seemed like the perfect way to end the trip because it brought back something I had learned at the beginning.


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