Reflection- Post Germany Blues

The first morning being home after staying in Germany was the first time I have ever been upset to be able to sleep in. I wish I was still staying at the Ibis Hotel in Augsburg among all of the new friends I have made in a country I have come to love!

In all honesty, those two weeks were possibly the best two weeks of my life. Venturing on the Plus 3 program was an opportunity I am so happy that I took. I was originally a bit nervous because I read online that there were recommended German classes you should take before going which I didn’t have the chance to take beforehand. Luckily, most people spoke English and our Augsburg friends were really great with helping us (I finally picked up on all of the important words and phrases just before we came back home). I cannot thank my parents enough for giving me my first chance at being abroad. I somehow missed the birthdays of my dad, sister, brother, and grandma, as well as Mother’s Day, all in this two week span so I’m glad everyone understood that this was something really great for me to do! I also need to thank Dr. Feick, Arielle, Sonja, and Simon for everything they have done for us. First and foremost this was an educational trip and I learned so much with the program that was put together. I learned so much about the automobile industry and business in general, as well as Germany thanks to our tour guides, Dr. Feick, and the Augsburg students. Special shoutout to my H&K group- Alan, Grant, Jess, Benedikt, Lena, and Michaela- for being so fun and easy to work with. I’ve never enjoyed learning so much!

The cities and sites we have seen were so enrapturing and I’m so grateful that I got to see them. I think my favorite place we went to was Regensburg, I loved how European it felt and the beautiful view of the river, as well as eating in the biergarten. I also really loved taking the gondola into the Alps, and of course, visiting Dachau is something I will forever carry with me. We lucked out with the weather for a majority of the trip. I already miss all of the food I ate… so much. I need to find somewhere at home that makes at least a half decent doner.

It’s crazy how quickly we grew so familiar with Augsburg- everything from the streets to the stores and the streetcars. Our two weeks in Germany simultaneously flew by yet felt like I had lived there for my whole life. I also want to mention that everyone I knew at Pitt that has done Plus 3 before told me that I’d make friends for life. I regretfully have to say I was doubtful of that before this trip. One of the only things making me less sad about leaving Germany is the fact that I grew so close with the students from Pitt and will see them in the fall (can’t wait for the reunion at Dr. Feick’s house!). I’m also excited to reconnect with Dominic, Lucas, Laura, and Josipa, who will also be at Pitt in the fall! Finally, of course, there are the friends who are staying in Augsburg. Don’t worry, I most definitely have the travel bug now. I plan to be in Europe again soon, and I’m already anticipating my next time in Germany!

Until then, thank you Germany and thank you Pitt. Now its time to read all of my previous blog posts and try not to miss it too much!



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