Day 2: Scavenger Hunt (Best Team Photo)

After probably one of the best night’s sleep of my life we woke up bright and early on the second day of the trip to head to the University of Augsburg to start off our day. To get to the University we headed to Königsplatz where we prepared to take the tram to the University. Once on the tram I couldn’t help but to notice how clean it was. This was surprising to me as a lot of public transportation in America is very dirty and has trash covering the floor, the whole time on the tram all I could think about was how this was nothing like the Port Authority Transport busses which always have wrappers and papers on the floor. The more I thought about this concept the more I also thought about how during the previous day the only “litter” I had noticed along the ground had been cigarette butts. This was interesting to me as it had seemed that in German culture to “litter” was completely frowned up and never done while in America although it was still frowned upon it was not really in our culture to never do it, which can be reflected in the trash that covers our city sidewalks.

After having my reflection of cleanliness along the tram ride to the University we eventually arrived and there we got to meet the graduate students that would be coming to the University of Pittsburgh in the fall. The graduate students seemed very nice and one was even wearing a Steelers jersey. Given that I am from Pittsburgh and love the Steelers, I told him how I loved his jersey and that is when I learned that he is a huge fan of the Steelers and has watched every game of the season every year since he was a teenager. I thought this was pretty cool as I am a Steelers fan and from Pittsburgh and I haven’t even come close to seeing every single game.

Once small talk with the graduate students was over we then proceeded to being our scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt required us to take the tram back to Augsburg and had a lot of questions on it that we did not know the answer to. While in desperate need of answers, as we were a competitive group of students and wanted to win, we turned to the locals for help.  We asked a group of young boys to help us answer some of our questions and we found it hilarious as, since the drinking age is much lower in Germany and it was legal for these boys to drink beer, one of them had brought back some beers and proceeded to scream “The beer train is here!”. I was also very surprised as after the boy in front of me received a beer from his friend and somehow managed to open his beer with the top of my clickable pen. (I was also very sad when I tried to recreate this moment at dinner with my glass water bottle and I failed to be able to open the bottle with my pen, leaving me even more curious as to how the boy managed to open the bottle with my pen.) After the boy proceeded to drink beer and help us answer our questions we learned that we would have to back to the Augsburg Cathedral to help us finish the scavenger hunt.

It was here at the Cathedral that my scavenger hunt team created probably one of the best pictures ever. We had the task of recreating the statues behind us, which included a bishop with a cross, a dog, a tree, and two fish, and my groups team prided ourselves in the fact that we were creative enough to have group members pretend to be the tree, dog, fish, and even the cross. (This would be significant later as the real competitiveness between the two teams was not in who won the scavenger hunt but who had the better photo).


With probably the greatest photo on the trip then created we then had to visit a few more fountains and churches before we headed to the Beer Garden to finish up our scavenger hunt. (One thing I noticed during the scavenger hunt was how there was a lot of churches in a small area in Germany.) At the beer garden we got to try alcohol-free beer, which I did not like, but was fun to try nevertheless.


The beer garden is also where we learned that my team lost the competition but we did have the best photo recreation of the statues outside of the Cathedral, and that’s what matters 🙂 .

With the scavenger hunt winners found out, after taking a photo, we then left the beer garden and headed to dinner at a pizza restaurant where I had probably one of the most amazing pizzas of my life. The pizza was like a normal cheese and red sauce pizza but then it was topped with prosciutto, arugula, and Parmesan. It was a very large pizza but it was so delicious that I actually finished all of it and I don’t regret it as it was tasted amazing. After dinner was over we then all headed back to the hotel where I had another great night of rest after another long but eventful day.


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