Thomas Angelo Honors Scholarship Reflection

To start, receiving this scholarship for my trip to Costa Rica not only helped me financially, but allowed to really engage myself in my studies while abroad (without having to worry about any financial aspects). Traveling somewhere new directly after my first year of college was an incredible opportunity, one in which I feel was greatly aided by this scholarship.

My 2 weeks in Costa Rica were nothing short of amazing. Aside from learning something new about the Tico culture every day, I was able to study the management side of the coffee supply chain. My group and I focused on aspects like hierarchy, employment, efficiency, and productivity (among others). Along the journey, we collected information about this topic and now have significant takeaways related to each step in coffee’s supply chain. All in all, this trip has left me with an immense amount of new knowledge about how the coffee industry works. I came in not really knowing a lot about how exactly coffee and people who work with coffee were managed from site to store, but now I feel as if I can talk about these aspects of coffee’s supply chain with great confidence.

As far as future academic plans, I hope to obtain a double major in Marketing and Supply Chain Management with a Certificate in International Business. While working hard to achieve this goal, I also hope to further enhance my academic experience as a Pitt Business student by studying abroad again. I think the unique opportunity to learn about and immerse yourself in another is just as fascinating as it is enriching.

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