Day 6: 19th Birthday

Day six of the trip was a pretty special for me as it was the day of my 19th Birthday. I was extremely thankful to be able to be spending my birthday is a foreign country but was also dreading this day a bit as it was the day that was marked in the calendar as “Munster climb”. As I mentioned in my previous blog posts I wasn’t in the best of shape for this trip and therefore was very nervous that I would not be making it to the top of the Munster.


This fear luckily did not become a reality and somehow at nine in the morning I managed to climb over 700 steps to the top of the Munster. The climb was definitely worth the motion sickness I felt climbing up due to the fact that we had to walk up a spiraling staircase in a closed off portion that made me dizzy going up, though like I said the trip was worth it as the view was amazing.


After climbing up to the top and then back down we proceeded on a city tour of Ulm. We would learn that Ulm is where Einstein was from and this piece of information helped to explain the hundred small statues of Albert Einstein (“little Einstein”) standing outside of the Munster.


After the tour and getting to see the town along with photos of what the town looked like during the bombings of World War II it was interesting to be able to compare the two. It was also surprising to see how beautiful the city was even after being destroyed during the World War II.


With the end of the tour we then headed to dinner where we were told we could choose from either a savory or sweet crepe type food. Jackie and I were smart though so one of us order a savory crepe and the other ordered a sweet crepe so that we would be able to get a chance to spit and try both of them. Our savory crepe was one with turkey strips, onions, and tzatziki sauce, while our sweet crepe had fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream. Both dishes tasted amazing and left me full for pretty much the rest of the day.



Once dinner was over we headed back to the University of Augsburg where we had a short talk that explained more about the business side of BMW and afterwards me and two other students were surprised with cakes. Throughout the trip it turned out that it was my, Arman, and Jeremy’s birthday so each of us got a cake and the rest of the students sang us happy birthday. This was a very sweet gesture and the cake left me full and ready to go back to the hotel to sleep. Luckily, we headed right back to the hotel after this and I headed straight to bed in order to be prepared for Munich tomorrow.


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